(Jack Davis) mid-20s who is trying to find his way through a critical crossroad of self-doubt as an underachiever in a very accomplished family known mostly for their success in the world of international soccer.

Jack’s older brother (Sam) is an all-star goalie for his father’s professional team of which the father (Coach Davis)coaches. Just a few years ago, Jack’s father drafted Jack then cut Him from the team; thus, Jack’s lifetime dream of playing for his father was crushed. Jack has been estranged from his father and family since. The film shows how Jack (led by the tough love of ex-girlfriend Sophia Portales) overcomes the obstacles to find himself and not give up on himself both on the soccer field and in life.



Kelsey GrammerCoach Davis
Taylor GrayJack Davis
Ally BrookeSofie Portales
Brianna ScurryCoach Scurry
Adam AalderksSam Davis
Tyler ChaseEddie Burton